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Fun Stations in the Bay Area


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Make Your Own Slime! Taste the Science of Cotton Candy! Create a Super Bouncy Ball!

Children will really get hands-on as they learn about the scientific principles underlying some of their favorite toys and treats. At each Fun Station, kids will touch, see, feel and taste science for themselves. Several activities allow the kids to make something to take home.

Fun Stations are available per hour. All Mad Science Fun stations are all-inclusive - we provide all the materials and the Mad Scientists. You provide the kids and we guarantee the fun!

The number of children each station can accomodate per hour will vary. Popular uses for these shows are school carnivals, street fairs, corporate events, bring yourand children's events of all kinds.

Here is a sample of what we have to offer: 

Slippery ScienceCenter Discover the ooey gooey origins of plastic and watch it turn slimy right in front of your eyes! Each child (and grown up!) can make his or her cup of slime that actually absorbs ultraviolet light and glows in the dark. Not only is this slime fun to play with for weeks after the event, but its also a great way for the kids to learn about polymers and plastics. Cups and lids are provided.
Mad Science Putty Making Similar to slime, Mad Science putty is a big hit with the slightly older crowd. As with slime, each child will be able to make his or her own cup of silly putty in the colors of the rainbow. A bit more versatile than slime, Mad Science putty is another great example of polymers at work. Cups and lids are provided.
Super Ball Factory Ever wonder how super bouncy balls are made? What makes them bounce so high? Join us in the super ball factory and transform special crystals into real super balls you can bounce all the way home. Each super ball is one of a kind!
Ultraviolet Illusions See the magic created by the sun as kids make their very own key chain with ultraviolet detection beads. Put it in the sun and see the fun really begin, as the beads change color when exposed to the ultraviolet light in the sun's rays.
Bubbling Potions Children will see a variety of spectacular bubbling potions and participate in fascinating experiments using dry ice. They will take home their very own temperature sensitive thermochromic cups.
Bubbleology A big favorite with the younger crowd, this activity features all kinds of bubbles and bubble making equipment. The children get to blow a variety of bubbles and learn why adding different ingredients to the bubbles causes the characteristics of the bubbles to change.
Wiggly Science What has no eyes, breathes through its skin and eats soil? Eeeeeeeww!  Gross! It's a worm! Get ready to dig deep into this hands on station as you look at real live worms, learn how they eat dirt to create great soil, and take your own worm home to help fertilize your garden!
Sea Tubes Explore the magic of density and learn how various objects move through different liquids at different rates. Then make your own colorful sea tube to demonstrate your new-found knowledge to your friends.
Quirky Chemistry Eliminate the mystery in chemistry! Kids are sure to have fun at this booth as they grow a crazy crystal garden right before their eyes that they then get to take home.  (Requires electricity.)
Cotton Candy Have you been to a carnival lately? Ever wonder how that fluffy cotton candy is made? Learn the science behind the magical transformation of solid sugar crystals to spun floss. Yummy! (Requires electricity.)
Rocket Launches Everyone is thrilled to watch our exciting rocket launches from Ground Zero! We have a special rocket and launcher that safely launches with compressed air and water in compliance with local fire ordinances. The children always enjoy trying to track the rockets as they are launched high into the air!

























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