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Workshops for Grades 3-6 in the Bay Area

Workshops appropriate for 3rd through 6th grades

Dates Available
Acids & Bases Uncover the secrets of chemistry and the effects acids and bases have on our daily lives. Learn to test for acid rain, make your own CO2 fire extinguisher, and watch as a film canister pops using an acid and a base!
January – December
Black & Blue Oceans
Icky, sticky oil can make quite a mess when it ends up where it shouldn’t. Discover what damages it causes when it accidentally enters our environment, and devise a way to clean it up!
January – December
Get under your own skin and take a journey into your body. Discover the micro-world of cells and how they compare to your city. Make your very own Petri dish cell to take home.
January – December
Don’t insulate yourself from this electrifying class! Visit the circuit circus and discover its positives and negatives. Apply your knowledge and build your own static tube.
January – December
Exploring Ecosystems Not all webs are made by spiders! See how plants and animals are connected and how they interact with their surroundings. Work with classmates to create their own ecosystem.
January – December
Great Gravity
Step into the shoes of Sir Isaac Newton and recreate some famous experiments that explore the force of gravity, the center of gravity and even defy gravity. Make your own Da Vinci parachute!
January – December
This workshop introduces students to the basic principles of heredity. Students will learn about the inheritance of traits, the principle of dominance, and how genotypes represent phenotype. Students will put their critical thinking skills to work when they assemble creatures with unique phenotypes and genotypes.
January – December
Inner Workings
This workshop introduces children to the basic concepts of human anatomy. They will use their prior knowledge to assemble the organs of the digestive system, and orient themselves in the three dimensional organization of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.
January – December
Laser Light
Learn about light, colors, holograms and special effects. Use a real laser to design a light show and compete in a friendly game of Laser Limbo… January – December
Matter of Fact
Investigate the ingredients of the universe! Build your own marshmallow molecules! Play alchemist by turning a nickel into gold...well almost...and use our secret formula to make your own Mad Science Putty!
January – December
Mineral Mania
Look beneath the earth’s crust and discover what’s underneath us. See how scientists find riches underground and learn how to identify and categorize rocks and minerals!
January – December
Understand the chemical processes at work in plants, plant respiration and the role of plants in the food web.
January – December
Radical Reactions
Experiment with substances that create really radical reactions. You’ll even take home your own Mad Science Super Ball!
January – December
The Incredible Machine
Explore the mysteries of the human body. See what happens when you breathe. Take home a working model of your lung!
January – December
Up, Up & Away
See the amazing power of buoyancy and pressure. You’ll make your own sea diver that will float or sink at your command!
January – December
Eliminate the mystery in chemistry! Explore one of the most exciting and fundamental sciences as you watch water turn into juice and liquids turn into solids. Explore physical and chemical reactions with the Dynamic Dish kit.
April - November
"Current" Events
Take a tour on the electron freeway! Conductors, insulators, transistors, and other elements in the world of circuit electricity introduce themselves to you via the tingle in your fingertips and the twinkle in your eye...
April - November
Fun-damental Forces
Gravity...Inertia...Centripetal force. Who could ever imagine that an introduction to physics could be so much fun? We’ll experience these awesome forces for ourselves and build some cool devices to watch them at work!
April - November
Science Of Magic
Magic? No…it’s science! You’ll learn the secrets behind famous magic tricks, and see it’s all science.
April - November
Learn about electricity, its properties and its role in natural phenomena.
Make indoor lightning while conducting hair-raising experiments with our electro-static generator…
April - November
Detective Science
Discover how science is used to solve real crimes! Watch as the classroom is transformed into a crime lab for this exciting exploration of the fundamentals of forensics. Children will take home their very own Child Identification Kit. It's so much fun, it's criminal!
July – February
Take a voyage to the center of the Earth! We'll investigate the powerful process that shapes our planet and forms remarkable rocks, magnificent minerals, and glittering gems! Children will take home density stackers which they built themselves!
July – February
Energy Burst Children explore the energy of motion. They pop, jump and flip with hopping, swimming and swinging toys. They check out the kinetic energy in rubber band-wound gadgets and reach their potential with the Catapult take-home.
July – February
Moving Motion Children catapult into Newton’s three laws of motion! They yank a cloth from under dishes, send crash test dummies flying and launch mini-rockets across the room. They see action-reaction forces at work with the twirling Newton Spinner take home. July – February

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