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Grades K-6 - Fun Activities and Workshops in the Bay Area

Workshops appropriate for Kindergarten through 6th grades

Dates Available
Decomposers Dig into the world of worms! Experiment to find the ideal worm habitat. Observe worms on the move. Experience how worms eat and take home your very own worm composter.
January – December
Dry Ice
Explore the 3 states of matter. Turn water into ice in 30 seconds, build a giant bubbling potion, carbonate plain drinking water and create the same awesome smoke illusions used in the movies …
January – December
Mad Messages
Become a Science Spy and learn how to send secret messages using special codes. Discover how to keep secret information safe.
January – December
Polymers (Slime) Explore the exciting world of polymers, the chemical reactions we use to create them and the inner workings of silly putty. Transform two regular liquids into an oozing batch of your very own slime...
January – December
Space...The Final Frontier These are the voyages of young inquiring minds on a quest to discover Space! Their mission: to take an exciting look at planets, moons, comets, and stars…to boldly go where bright young minds love to go (space suits not required). Children will return from their mission with their own piece of the skies!
January – December
Harnessing Heat
Take-on temperature! Build a thermometer and heat things up with friction. Feel how hot and cold can change at a touch. Apply your red-hot knowledge to your very own Heat Sheet.
April - November
Lights... Color... Action!
Catch some cool colors and make a rainbow out of white light. Split your name with ink and reveal numbers with color filters. Color the world with the amazing Technicolor Blender.
April - November
Magnificent Magnets
Investigate the powers and daily uses of magnets. Explore magnetic fields and their relative strengths and properties. Take home your own floating magnets.
April - November
Mission Nutrition
Focus in on nutrition and fitness, including the essential components of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Children will learn about the role of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, stimulating their enthusiasm for maintaining personal health and a healthy attitude.
April - November
Optical Illusions
Build your own periscope after learning about optics, reflection and sight. Seeing is not always believing…
April - November
Fantastic Fliers
The Wright Brothers would be proud as we follow in their footsteps and learn the forces that affect flight. Make and test various plane designs to see these forces in action.
April - November
Under Pressure
Join Bernoulli and Newton as we take this exciting look at the science behind aerodynamics and the properties of air... under pressure. Use a vortex generator to create air pockets with a punch, and levitate ping-pong balls in defiance of gravity!
April - November
All About Animals
Feathers, fins, fur and more! Explore the animal kingdom and learn about the habitats, anatomy and life cycles of your favorite creatures. Investigate the amazing, and sometimes strange, sounds that animals make.
July – February
Investigate the world of creepy, crawly creatures. Learn about insects’ fabulous flying abilities, defense mechanisms and the unusual way they see their surroundings.
July – February
Cooking is all about chemistry! Students will be introduced to the virtual laboratory we call a kitchen in a novel and practical application of science! Dinnertime will never be the same….
July – February
Movie Effects
Grab your popcorn but don’t sit back… we’re going to learn first-hand how advances in science and technology make our favorite special effects possible. Its Einstein meets Spielberg in a class of 3…2…1…action!
July – February
Science of Toys
Tinker with technology and learn about the science behind some of your favorite toys. Use classic toys to discover the science of motion.
July – February
Walloping Weather
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will prevent us from enjoying our hands-on exploration of the science of meteorology! Discover how clouds and thunderstorms are formed, and how powerful they can be! After this class, students may offer more reliable forecasts than the local news! July – February

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